Step 1

This morning, I met with Dr. R (primary) for the first time. I had given up doctors as the experience of being weighed and not fitting into the blood pressure cuffs was just too humiliating to endure. Considering WLS, however, I needed to reestablish myself as a patient in someone’s office. I couldn’t go back to the old doctor. I know his staff, my parents go there… just not enough anonymity.

I didn’t know what to expect from Dr. R. From his website I knew that he is big on nutrition and that he’s ex-military, so I expected him to be very regimented and to look down on me. Instead, he was very compassionate and extremely smart. Of course all doctors are smart, but he was able to read into what I was saying, draw conclusions, and really converse with me. And he let me cry. : ) It’s hard to talk about my parents’ health complications, so I always lose it.

I want a primary doctor who’s at least open to WLS. Too often, they just tell you what you already know–eat right and exercise–and make you feel guilty and stupid. He seems to understand that I already “get” all that, and he’s open to WLS as a possibility. He browsed through my medical file (the one I keep) and seemed happy to know I’ve done my homework. In fact, he said my file was a little scary. HA!

I told him about all my complications and he scheduled a sleep apnea test (I wear the monitor tonight and then drop it off Monday), bloodwork and an EKG for 04/20, a Heart Echo for 05/10, and a follow up for 5/25.

I am supposed to go ahead and get with a nutritionist for a first appointment. He also wants me to go ahead and choose a bariatric surgeon and “enroll in a program,” but he won’t authorize the surgery unless I meet with at least two programs, possibly three. I mentioned that the one at Celebration seems somewhat sales-y (at least from their website), so he wants me to visit the center in Ocala. I think that’s excellent advice. I’m going to attend next week’s information session at Celebration and schedule a meeting in Ocala.

I may also register with weight watchers just to keep good track of my weight. They have scales that can accommodate my size, unless regular doctor’s office scales that go up only to 350.

Dr. R wants me to devote 5% of my thinking to right eating and nutrition. He says I haven’t yet made the connection from my mind to my body. I need to “get out of the car, get out of the car, get out of the car” when looking for a meal. I need to consider working and living closer together in order to ditch the 10 nonproductive hours of commuting each week.

I like him. This is good. I feel like I’m making the first steps! Only Lee, Rachel (and Greg), and Heidi know about my intentions for surgery. Only Lee will know about the heart tests. Perhaps I’ll join a support group to have others to talk to. is also a great resource.


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