ER Visit

Last night I woke up with a horrendous pain behind my left knee accompanied by chest pain and a sensation that I was going to faint. I’ve had all those symptoms before, but they were much stronger this time. I was scared I had a blood clot in my leg or something, I left Lee a note and headed to the ER. Once there, they processed me pretty quickly (great service at 2am!). The doctor was awesome. Told him about WLS intentions and he was happy about it. Set up my first-ever IV, drew some blood for labs, did an EKG and chest xray, and a leg sonogram (OUCH!). Everything came back normal. No clots, no heart attacks ever, no blood issues, nothing. Woot!

Now I’m trying to get ahold of Dr. Richter’s office so they can acquire those EKG reports. Hopefully I won’t have to get another EKG tomorrow.


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