First Site Visit

I attended the orientation session at Celebration tonight. It started at 6 in a conference room, and I was immediately surprised at how many people were there. I counted over 50! The presentation was basically what I had already seen online, but it was good to see Dr. Kim face-to-face in order to get a feel for him. He seemed nice enough.

What I like about the program at Celebration:

  • It’s close to my office so follow-ups will be easy
  • They provide a supportive atmosphere
  • The Celebration facility is awesome. If I could have my surgery anywhere, it would be there.
  • They have an entire wing devoted to bariatrics, so I know I’d get great care.
  • The actual surgeon attends the orientations and support groups.
  • They immediately got back to me with login info for their website
  • Good reputation, great numbers, operated on Heidi

What I don’t like:

  • That I had to be ushered through a group orientation in order to move through their system
  • That nobody EVER answers their office phone
  • That the whole thing still feels sales-pitchy
  • Talk of “financing” for surgery
  • If I didn’t want to sit through this orientation, I’d have to pay a $295 “consultation fee” to talk to their staff about the procedure

Overall, I’m not 100% comfortable with their program. I look forward to meeting with Dr. J in Ocala. One good thing: I got weighed for the first time in forever. I had estimated my weight at 360, and it’s 364.


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