Ethics and WLS

I need to take some time to write myself through this later, but I think there ought to be some consideration regarding the ethics of WLS. How is it possible that so many of us are stapling our stomachs to make us eat less and re-routing our intestines to absorb less of the food we eat? Isn’t that wrong in a world where people are starving? Isn’t there an ethical responsibility to distribute food based on need rather than industry? How sick is it that I’m able to engorge myself to the point of morbid obesity while children starve to death? Don’t I have an ethical responsibility to consume only what I need? If so, does this surgery help me meet that responsibility? Or perhaps I don’t owe anything to them, but I owe my health to my future children and to my husband. Regardless of what this surgery says about inequality in the world, don’t I OWE my family an active, engaged, healthy wife and mom?


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