Post-op Must-Haves

Another running list:

  • Batteries in remote controls
  • Cordless phone near the couch
  • Sugar-free peppermints or peppermint tea to soothe the pouch
  • Small dishes
  • Small freezable tupperware
  • Small utensils
  • Extra measuring cups and spoons
  • Vitamin E oil for dry stomach skin (??)
  • Post-op foods: water, dole baby apple juice, instant breakfast, sf popsicles, sf pudding, protein powder, chicken broth, gatorade, instant mashed potatoes, strainer, protein shakes and shakers, bags of ice
  • Mederma for incisions
  • Blender/food processor ready and waiting
  • Shower seat
  • Grabber-thingy to get things off the floor
  • Vitamins and supplements

One Response

  1. Wow – the vitamin E would have helped me a lot!! My stomach did peel and flake after the surgery – it was nuts… but it’s over now.

    I think you’ll be plesantly surprised that the surgery and recovery really are painless and easy… or at least mine were… one thing to remember though – don’t be freaked out when you look at your stomach and realize there is a HUGE dent in it!! I am just now to a point (7 weeks later) that I don’t have the dent anymore… it’ll be where the inscision is right at your stomach.

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