I’m a mad scientist.

Between tabulating calories and inches and plugging in data for numerous health-related charts and graphs, I feel like the calculator has become my fifth appendage.

(Does the head count as an appendage? If so, make the calculator my sixth. Whatever.)

Based on what I’ve read, the short-term weight loss result of gastric bypass are 35% of excess weight at 3 months, 60% at 6 months, and 75% at 12 months. Then weight loss supposedly continues for another 6-10 months at a slower rate.  Another stat is that–even after achieving a weight loss of 100% of excess weight–the long-term average is a loss of 50% of excess body weight. So. Running the numbers, I’ve been interested to see whether it is worth my effort to truly try on this 6-month physician-supervised diet. Based on the numbers, it’s really not! Here are the stats:

If I start at 354 (current weight) and lose no weight before surgery, then assuming a goal weight of 130, I would weigh 275 at 3 months, 219 at 6 months, and 186 at 12 months.

If I work my darnedest to lose 60 pounds before surgery (my personal goal), then I would weight 300 at surgery, resulting in a weight of 240 at 3 months, 198 at 6 months, and 173 at 12 months.

So if I bust my ass to lose 60 pounds before surgery, I am essentially accomplishing a 13-pound difference at the 1-year mark. Hardly seems worth it, right?

Well, I’ve also figured that losing 60 pounds now might actually be easier than losing 13 then, since by then I will be at a plateau and I will have shocked my body into a new metabolic state. Now I can effect the same change with perhaps less effort.


Maybe it’s harder now, since I don’t have the gastric bypass tool working in my favor, and I’d be better off NOT losing weight now since I could lose those 13 pounds of different so much easier at the end.


Rachel’s wedding is in December, and I need to fit into that size-24 David’s Bridal gown. Plus, my feet hurt now. My back hurts now. My neck hurts now. They won’t hurt at 173 or 186, so I need to do something for myself now. 

Plus, statistics are just statistics and I could very easily be an outlier.

If I spent half as much time exercising as I do thinking, I would have avoided the dilemma entirely!


3 Responses

  1. You’ve given this much thought. Wow. 🙂

  2. It’s a sickness, I know!

  3. […] of course, being the numbers girl that I am, I wanted to calculate just how, over the last 5 years, I’ve managed to gain approximately 35 […]

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