Workin’ the system

Good news: I will likely have the opportunity to be interviewed for My Dream Job. I don’t talk much about work here, but I can sum up my current conundrum like this: love the flexibility, love most of the team, really do enjoy most of the work, but I’m bored as hell, hate my boss, and need more money.

Ok then. So this other job is exactly (and I do mean PRECISELY) what I have been looking for. Salary is right.  Job duties are awesome. Support staff in abundance. Meaningful. Interesting.

But how in the world can I find out if their insurance policy covers gastric bypass???  If it gets to the point of negotiation, I suppose I can mention that I have a specific procedure scheduled that is not covered by all insurance policies and that I need to get clarification on that before accepting an offer.

And how bad would it suck if I had to turn the job down due to no insurance coverage? These are the moments where I have to remind myself that God is bigger than these questions and if this is meant to be, it will all fall perfectly into place.

But still.


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