Big Medicine on TLC

I ran through a gamut of emotions watching last night’s Big Medicine on TLC. I think they did a good job highlighting different stages of the journey and different levels of need. Of course, I related most to Penelope, as we both started at around 360. I want to know more about her emotional journey, more about how she’s struggling with food, etc. I feel like we’re getting an extremely glossed-over treatment of each person’s surgery and recovery (duh). I couldn’t relate to the other two patients because I’m not in a similar condition, though I can definitely sympathize.

There has been a lot of discussion on the message boards about the doctors bickering and whether or not that is appropriate in the operating room. I have to say, it didn’t both me one bit. To have TWO renowned surgeons on hand during my procedure? To know they are different, but equally excellent? Not a problem! Doctors are people too, and believe me–if my mom and I were surgeons, we’d be bitching at each other through every procedure too.

One thing really did bother me, though, and that’s the older doctor’s comments to the young patient. He spoke of her being beautiful and having an 18-year-old’s body and looking great and wow! what a transformation… gag me. I’m sorry, but this is the part I hate most about weight issues.

A little story: at age 15, I weighed about 200 pounds. I lost 70 of those pounds through an intensive exercise program (coupled with barely eating). I lost a lot of weight (too much, because at 129 I looked and felt like a sack of bones), and compliments came pouring in. And to be honest, I hated it. I hated the attention, I hated everyone thinking it was acceptable to comment on my body. It would have been inappropriate to tell me I was ugly and fat before, and I felt it was equally inappropriate for mere acquaintances to tell me how awesome I looked after losing weight. It made me angry that so many people preferred my unhealthy lower weight.

And so, when I hear the older doctor get all “rrrraw, you look fantaaastic” to the poor little girl, it kinda makes me sick.

I’m not sure that I’m ready to open myself up to the “here is how I feel about the way your body looks” onslaught of comments again. F ’em. It’s not for them.

One other issue surfaced while watching Big Medicine. I realized that I hadn’t spoken with my husband clearly enough on the skin issue. When he saw the excess skin, he just about fell out of his chair. He was thoroughly grossed out. He said, “That’s nasty. Are YOU going to look like that?????” And I said, “probably. But I can always have plastic surgery.” He said, “GOOD. I don’t care how much it costs. Use student loans. I’ll get a second job.”

Gee, thanks honey!

As we were falling asleep in bed later last night, he asked about the skin again. He said, “you have really nice skin. I don’t think you’ll have that problem. I think your skin will stay nice and firm.” I said, “honey, I have stretch marks everywhere. My skin has been stretched out for so long, it’s not going to bounce back into shape. I think I’ll need surgery on my arms, boobs, and belly.” I then demonstrated how much of my fat arms will turn into batwings. (this must be true love.) Lee still thinks my body will naturally snap back into place. I just ended with “well, let’s see how I look when I’ve lost the weight.” He said, “ok, but if you look like that girl, I don’t mind helping you save for plastic surgery.”

So thank you, Big Medicine, for helping us get a jump on the plastic surgery fund.


2 Responses

  1. I agree. Uhyup.

  2. Thanks for watching “Big Medicine” and thanks for blogging the show we are real proud of the job we did. We look forward to hearing your weekly comments.


    Darryl Silver
    Executive Producer
    Big Medicine

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