Can I just say that putting morbidly obese people on a required 6-month diet is cruel and unusual punishment? Like I needed one more failure just to be sure.

I had grandiose dreams of losing 10 pounds a month. Grandiose dreams of walking every day despite my previously sedentary habits. I would lose 60 pounds before surgery and look and feel better before my sister’s wedding in December.

I guess I forgot that IF DIETS WORKED, I WOULDN’T BE PURSUING GASTRIC FREAKING BYPASS SURGERY. I swear, I feel like a miserable failure. Yesterday, guess what I had for breakfast? Doritos. Guess what I had for lunch? 2 corn dogs. Guess what I had for a snack FIVE cookies dipped in milk. Then I went to Moe’s gorged myself, and was so uncomfortable I threw up afterward. I absolutely hate that cycle and I have got to get out of it.

One glimmer of hope through that ordeal was that I found myself actually craving fruit. This is new to me.

So month 2 of my diet is almost over and I haven’t lost but 13 pounds total. I know tomorrow is a new day. I know I just need to get back on track. I know I should be happy that I didn’t undo the weight loss from month one. But dammit, I am so so so so so so so sick of failing.

Maybe I’ll be inspired after I go see Dr. Jawad at his free seminar this weekend.


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  1. This made me shiver. I am there with you – but – I am three years post WLS. It never goes away.

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