Happy June 12th

June 12th was my wedding anniversary and it went a little something like this:

Me: Hey honey, welcome home! How was work?

Lee: whine, complain, moan, gripe

Me: Well hey, at least you’re home now and you can relax. Why don’t you take a shower and we can go out to dinner?

… at the restaurant…

Lee: So why are we eating out tonight? I thought we were trying to save money.

Me: Yeah, but today’s a special occasion. (pause… silence…) It’s our anniversary. (smiling)

Lee: I AM SO SORRY! I can’t believe I forgot!

Me: It’s okay, I knew you didn’t remember. It’s not a big deal. If you forgot my birthday, I’d be pissed. But I don’t know what you’re supposed to do on an anniversary anyway!

Lee: So today’s June 12th and we’ve been married three years. Our next anniversary is, what, December 12th? That’s our dating anniversary, right?

Me: Mmmhmmm. This year it will be 7 years since we started dating.

Lee: Damn. I guess we might as well stay together then.

Me: !

My husband, the romantic. But let’s not forget that June 12th isn’t just our anniversary, it’s the anniversary of one very important Supreme Court decision. So happy belated Loving Day!


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