If your blog is ugly and you know it, clap your hands!

Clap, clap! I’m going to switch over to another free template today. The long term goal: get on my own domain and create my own template. That’s easier said than done for an html novice like myself.

I’ve experimented with this whole weblog thing off and on for years. Mommy blogs got me started (though I don’t yet have chilluns). I blogged at mommameggs.blogspot.com about the wishy washy feelings of whether or not Lee & I were ready to have kids. Looking back, I was in denial that entire time about my weight. I was just beginning to feel the effects of my fatness, and I had no idea that I weighed anything like 350 pounds. Though I didn’t post picture of myself, which I think says that in some way, I did grasp the problem.

I also run Style for Mom, which I bought from Jessica at Kerflop. That’s another sort of oddball blogging situation, since I’m not a mom and yet I’m supposedly going to relay mom-centered fashion advice to others. In normal sizes, no less. That site doesn’t link to this one because, seriously, how many “regular” people would want to read anything about my ghastly weight?

So I’m living a sort of diced-up internet life. Is there no place where I can talk about my weight, my desire to have a family, our multicultural life, my academic pursuits all in one place? To me, this is a micro chasm of my real life right now. Nothing fits. Body doesn’t match mind. Compartmentalized.


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