Yesterday sucked ass.

First, I got the call about my dreamiest dream job. They have “decided not to move forward on the position at this time. But we adored you and we will keep you in mind for other openings as they come up.” (Ok, this doesn’t actually suck. I’ve been thinking lately that with surgery coming up, it’s probably best to stay at my no-brainer job anyway)

Then, at Dr. R’s office for my 3rd supervised weight-loss check-up, I noticed boxes and empty walls. So I ask, “Are you guys moving, or painting?” and their asshat of a medical assistant says, “neither. we’re closing.” WHAAAAA????

This doctor took me on as a patient for a 6-month supervised diet leading up to weight loss surgery 3 months ago. WHY would he partner with me on that if he KNEW he was retiring halfway through the process? I wish he would have been up front and told me in the beginning. Anyhow, I got my records and now I need to find a new doctor. I hope to high heavens that this doesn’t cause insurance approval problems.

Dr. R asked before I left yesterday, “is there anything you need from me?” and I offered to draft a letter of medical necessity for him to sign so that I would at least have that in case of problems. I am going to write the letter today and he agreed to sign it, so at least there’s that.


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