Nutritionist visit #3

I met with Alice again yesterday and confessed (most) of the month’s failures. Still, I lost 5 pounds and she’s pleased. I explained how walking is killing my feet and that I’m switching to water aerobics. I explained how fitday wasn’t really working for me, and that I think I need to use both fitday and her exchange guidelines. I asked her opinion on supplements like protein bars (answer: eat real food. you’ll have to deal with using real food at some point, so learn how now). I asked about Overeater’s Anonymous (answer: the 12 steps are rather strict, but it may be a good venue. Try it and see how I like it).

I was bummed about losing only 5 pounds this month (especially since I resorted to purging to help accomplish that loss), but she reminded me that 13 + 5 = 18, and 18 pounds in two months ain’t bad.

I guess I can live with that. Still, I hope next month is better.


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