Books are not people

Today on diet blog: Books are not people. And apparently “58% of women interested in learning about weight control would prefer to participate in an individual face-to-face program delivered by a health professional” than read another self-help book.

I do not fall into that 58%. I actually prefer books to people.

At the ripe old age of 15, I weighed 200 pounds. One summer, I started doing workout videos and exercising my little buns off every morning. I dieted and exercised* down to 129 pounds, all without people. All with videos. (Though, admittedly, no books.)

And that is why it is so very hard for me to talk with a nutritionist about what I eat. To discuss medical problems with my doctor. To attend an OA meeting. I’d rather log in to fitday, surf WebMD, or call in to a phone meeting.

And, most of all, I’d rather blog about my thoughts than share them with an in-the-flesh friend. Is it the fat that’s isolating? Is it really just my personality? We’re going to find out. 

*and by dieting and exercising, I mean starving and burning a bajillion calories each day through incessant exercise.


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