Can’t figure myself out

Ok, yesterday I ate a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter and an apple for breakfast (approved by nutritionist). I planned that lunch would be after my doctor’s appointment. When  I came home (around 2:45), I ate TWO leftover enchiladas from the night before (the kind I made for myself with the whole wheat toritillas). I knew I should have stopped at 2, but I desperately wanted to eat more so I pigged out on some nachos (regular tortilla chips, cheese, meat, salsa). I ate until I finally felt a full feeling, and then went and barfed it all up.

Sidenote: why is it that when you eat until the feeling of fullness and then throw it up, you still feel full? It’s pretty amazing, really.

Today I made a shake for breakfast (8 oz 1% milk, ice, 2tbsp peanut butter, 6 medium strawberries, half a banana). I was hungry by 11:30. I held out and waited until 1:30 to eat. I got through ONE leftover enchilada (regular white tortilla variety) and I feel absolutely STUFFED. I choked down a 60-calorie yogurt, and I feel like I just ate for a football team.

What is the deal? Why is it that yesterday, I was ravenous and couldn’t reach a sensation of being full, but today I can eat less than a third as much and I’m done? Theories:

  • I drank water with my lunch yesterday, and today I’m drinking Fresca. Maybe the carbonation makes me feel fuller faster??
  • Maybe waiting until 2 hours after I started feeling hungry today made my stomach more receptive to the food I was eating.
  • Maybe I’m less hungry because I’m at work instead of sitting at home.
  • Maybe yesterday’s meal times (10:00 and 2:45) triggered something that today’s meal times didn’t (8:30 and 1:30).
  • Maybe yesterday wasn’t about hunger at all. Maybe I kept eating as an emotional response to my doctor’s appointment.
  • Maybe throwing up yesterday and then eating a smallish dinner allowed my stomach to un-stretch, allowing for a sensation of fullness today.
  • Maybe it’s because today at work I’m sitting upright at my desk, leaning over my stomach, causing a feeling of fullness, whereas yesterday I was eating lounging on the couch.
  • Maybe it’s because today I ate a regular tortilla (210 CALORIES) and yesterday I ate two healthier ones (100 calories each). Same number of calories, but today was smaller in volume. Maybe it’s the calorie-density that produces fullness?

I don’t know. I can’t figure myself out. Since my anatomy hasn’t changed since yesterday, I have to believe that the difference is somehow psychosocial or environmental, but I can’t pin it down.


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  1. Hey. I have trouble finding my fullness too. A book I am reading though provides some insights It’s called “Intuitive Eating” written by 2 real RD’s who do nutritional counseling. Keep working hard!

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