Updates all around

First, happy 4th of July. May you enjoy lots of fireworks and bountiful Americanisms. As for me, July 4th is an almost dreaded occasion, replete with memories of sweat, nasty food, bugs, humidity, and idiots coaxing me to try holding a sparkler just one more time. Maybe it’s because I’m in the Florida swamplands, but July 4th can be just plain miserable.

Right now, my husband is at work and I’m at home toiling away on various projects. Later tonight we’ll  eat a good old-fashioned American meal (I’m thinking tacos) and head to one of the many local lakes (read: scary ancient sinkholes) to watch fireworks. From the car. With air conditioning.

Anyhow, various non-holiday updates to follow:

I had my pelvic ultrasound a few days ago to check for PCOS. I suppose I’ll learn the results during my July 23rd follow up with Dr. Aung. Currently, I’m at 49 days since the start of my last menstrual cycle, so I know something’s amiss.

On the weight loss front, I’m still at 347 pounds. This is both frustrating (because I should be closer to 330 by now) and encouraging (at least I haven’t gained any weight).

On the job front, I was called back for a second interview for one of the positions I had applied for. They offered the job to someone else, but she decided to move away and didn’t take it. Now they’re calling back 3 of the original interviewees for follow ups. The interview went exceptionally well (I think), and I’m hoping for an answer early next week.

Changing jobs seems like such a stupid idea, considering my hope of having major surgery in the near future. But great opportunities are rare, so I feel obligated to pursue this one to see what pans out. If it means postponing surgery for a few months, I’m cool with that.

My husband is getting more comfortable with the idea of surgery. He has been supportive from the beginning, but always somewhat disinterested in the details. He watched this week’s Big Medicine with me and was very interested in what actually happens during the procedure and the immediate recovery. He is still completely grossed out by the whole excess skin issue, but plastic surgery has become a regular topic of conversation around here.

I’m trying to get a jump on some of the paperwork I’ll need to gather for insurance approval, and I’ve had a hell of a time trying to compile a 5-year medical weight history. Until recently, my weight hasn’t presented any medical problems, so I never went to the doctor (besides, I was always embarrassed about my weight). It turns out that I’ve had only 1 doctor visit in 2006 (for sinusitis), and none for all of 2000-2005, save for my annual well-woman gynecological exams. If I can get my hands on those records, I hope to have the 5-year history I need.

I desperately need a haircut. I want it shorter and darker. I’m so, so sick of highlights. Mom was right. I should have never colored my hair.

I plan on attending my first real Overeater’s Anonymous meeting tomorrow night. This time I’ll attend at a hospital conference room, rather than accidentally stumbling upon a super-secret women’s residential rehab facility. I’m preparing myself for the strangeness of “sharing” and “passing energy” and all that other weirdness.


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