Dang, she’s persistent

I went back to the crazy gyno today for a retest. She’s persistent, I tell you. She desperately wants me to try Accu-Weight, and even gave me her cell phone number a second time. On the one hand, she’s a doctor and I’m not so I should probably give it a try since it can’t hurt.

On the other hand, I ain’t no fool.

She explained that she’s losing 20 pounds a month! She’ll be down 100 pounds by October! She lost 30 pounds the first month!

(screeeeeech. Hold up. Thinking to myself: It has been two months, she lost 30 pounds the first month, and she claims a rate of twenty pounds per month. According to my calculations, the weight loss has ALREADY slowed to ten pounds per month. Carry on, doctor.)

I say, “yeah, but I can’t commit to eating only between the hours of noon and 6. I’m at work that whole time!”

She says, “oh yes you can. It’s not much food. You only eat like a pound and a half of vegetables each day, so it’s not that much to carry to work!”

(screeeeech. Hold up. Thinking to myself: Lady, you done lost yo’ mind. Do you really think I’ll abide by a diet that only allows vegetables… my arch nemesis??? You so crazy!)

I say, “well, ok then. I’ll give it a try.”

And then she left me alone.  Seriously. Is this something I need to do? I know it won’t work. It’s an insane proposition, taping beads behind your ears and eating only vegetables as a “cure” for obesity. But still, I need to go into WLS knowing I’ve tried everything. I’m thinking about it.


2 Responses

  1. greetings! just found and read your blog…interesting read! but beads taped behind the ears??? phew, i thought i’d tried everything prior to WLS…but maybe not! LOL

    seriously though, i’m 2.5 years out from an RNY, and down an amazing 278 pounds. i weighed 463 the day i had surgery, and it’s all gone really, really well for me. no complications, great lab work…and i feel wonderful!

    i DO have major skin issues (like it’s hanging on me by the yard), and i don’t have the $$ to pay for plastics, but even so, i’m so much better off now — i can live with the skin…maybe i’ll win the lottery, or some unknown rich relative will leave me money someday and i’ll get it cut off — but maybe not – and i am 50 years old now – maybe it doesn’t even matter.

    just wanted to say hi, that i’m enjoying your writing, and wish you all the best of luck on your journey. if there’s anything i can do to help you, feel free to email me.


  2. Hi Deb! Congrats on your success!! Seriously, losing 278 pounds… that must feel awesome!

    My husband is convinced my skin will snap into place and I’ll look 100% normal. When he sees the REAL results, my bet is that he’ll be willing to sacrifice for some plastics. : )

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