Here’s the thing…

I’m a clothes repeater. I admit it. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m fat and I’ve never been one size for too long, or if it’s a genuine character defect. But it’s definitely a problem.

Right now, I have this one Old Navy tee that I loooove. I bought it in every color, and I wear it pretty much ALL the time. With one of the multiple pairs of my favorite jeans. And the same dang flip-flops.

And I’m not the kind of woman to “change purses” to match an outfit. I’ve carried my current brown leather purse for more than 7 months. And I can probably get another 5 or 6 months out of it.

I’m aware enough of my clothes repetition process to avoid it when necessary. At work, for example, I manage to get through a week (maybe two) without repeating an outfit. But that doesn’t mean I won’t work in the same style of gray pants with two different tops, or wear the pink version of a blouse and then the blue one a few days later. I’m not fooling anyone.

So when I saw this, I was astounded. Not only did this woman remember to photograph herself everyday, but if you watch the slideshow, you’ll probably exclaim, like I did, the following:

  • Look at how many different skirts she has!
  • She hardly ever wears jeans!
  • Even if she wears a shirt again a month later, it’s with different pants! I never thought about that!
  • How did she even buy all those clothes?? She must shop all the time!

But then I realized that the only difference between this woman and me is that she has built a wardrobe. In one size. Over a period of time.

If I had embarked on this project, you would have known that when the green jacket went out of rotation, it was because I got too fat for it. And when the pink sweater came back, it was because I had lost a few pounds.

I know it will be a few years from now, but I cannot wait to start building a wardrobe. Full of different things. That all fit. AT THE SAME TIME!


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