Second visit with new PCP

(Refresher: I’m on the 6-month supervised pre-op diet with my primary doctor and a nutritionist. After two months, Primary Doctor #1 retires. Enter Primary Doctor #2, Dr. Aung.)

Today was my second visit with Dr. Aung, signaling the beginning of month 4 of dieting. We discussed the sonogram results and that I do not have PCOS. My last period began May 15th, so I’m still not sure what’s up with than, and neither is Dr. Aung.

My blood pressure was back down to a normal 120/82 without any medication. She did prescribe Meridia, so I’m interested to see how much that’s going to cost. With a $25 coupon on their website, I’m expecting a pretty steep expense. She also ordered additional testing (HbA1C, fasting glucose, bmp, and TSH), and a visit to the dermatologist.

I’m glad she prescribed Meridia now, since last month’s comment was: “Let’s see how 6 months of dieting goes, and then maybe I’ll prescribe you something.” Ack! Let’s not drag this out too long, mm’kay?


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