I know I may just be overly scared, but I put my first Meridia tablet in my mouth exactly 85 minutes ago, and I just had what I think it a heart palpitation. I got kind of warm, felt my heart speed up for a second, felt like a rush to my head (almost like a speed-headache) and then everything went back to normal. I don’t know if this is Meridia, or just me freaking out about Meridia, but I’m paying very, very close attention. I know it’s probably nothing. I feel 100% normal right now.

But what I really logged on to write was that I’m continuing to lose weight. I stopped counting calories, stopped entering my foods into fitday or the foodsdatabase, and just do what I do. For some reason, this works better for me. I know that after surgery, I’ll have to track protein and such, but now… I prefer not to count anything.

My sister is getting married December 29th and I need to fit into a size 24 David’s Bridal gown. I looked back at my weight history and thought about the sizes I wore during each time period, and I think that if I get down to about 290-ish pounds, I’ll be good. I know that’s a huge goal, but it’s only a loss of 2.35 pounds per week, which is totally doable. I’ve only been losing 1.69 pounds per week thus far, but that was without tools like alli and Meridia to help. Anyhow, there’s this fantabulous chart on the foods database that tracks my progress, and it appears that I’m right on target, see?


It’s great to know that if I just keep on keepin’ on, I’ll have no problems with that dress come wedding time.  Interim goals: the chart shows that I need to cross into the 330’s by August 2nd, so I’ll be working on that. Other fun figures: if I can maintain this rate of loss, I’ll weight 310 at Halloween, like 303 on Thanksgiving, and like 291 on Christmas. I like the way that future looks!


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