Bargain shopper

I’m an organized person. I live and die by my JOYS household organization system. And so, when Lee & I sold our last house and moved into my parent’s house until the new one was built, my organization skills set to work. I took only the bare essentials to my parent’s house, knowing Lee & I would be living in my childhood bedroom for 4 months (which turned into 10 months, thanks to our builder). Everything else was sent to storage. Neatly.

So I filled massive storage containers with clothes in a myriad of sizes. I organized the boxes according to Lane Bryant’s size scheme: 14/16’s, 18/20’s, 22/24’s, 26/28’s that had become snug, and then added a box for winter clothes of all sizes (since they’re needed so rarely here in Florida).

I remember thinking that if I ever did lose weight, I wouldn’t have to buy any clothes on the way down the scale. I have a complete wardrobe in every size from 18-28. And there’s a distinct spike in wardrobe quantity and style at sizes 20 and 22, signaling back to my part-time gig as a Lane Bryant manager for a couple years in college. I’m very, very excited to dive back into those clothes. (except, why all the capris? were they really that pervasive in 2002 and 2003??)

The 20’s and 22’s are still a long way off. But today, after losing 26 pounds on my pre-op diet, I decided to try some of the 28’s that I had “outgrown.” (I was still wearing 28’s at 364 pounds, but always with stretch added to the denim and dress pants.) Now, all of the 28’s fit with a little room to spare. I was able to add 3 pairs of dress pants, 2 pairs of non-stretch jeans, and 2 pairs of capris back into the wardrobe, along with a couple of dress shirts. All for $0. Now that’s what I call a good deal!!


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  1. that IS a good deal! congrats on the pre-op loss!

    i remember thinking that i wouldn’t need to buy new clothes once i started losing, as i too, had clothes in all the sizes from my past experiences of gaining and losing…but once it started coming off, and i realized i could walk into ANY store and buy something and it would fit…well, i must admit, i lost control for awhile there — who knew shopping for clothes could be so much FUN?? i still have some trouble recognizing what size my body is — sometimes i’ll go to put on something (that i’ve worn before) but i’ll hold it up and think “this can’t possibly fit me”…i guess it’s that body dismorphia thing they talk about — i haven’t fully made the connection between mind and body, or something. perhaps if i had the $$ to get the yards of skin removed, i’d be more able to realize what size my body is currently…

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