Melting like buttah

You know how I have been stuck in the ugly 340’s for, like, ever? Well, within the last 4 days, the scales is finally moving down, down, down. I’m a very happy girl. My weight this morning was 335.6, which puts me squarely OUT of the 340’s forever.

Now, I know that 335 pounds is still freakin’ ridiculously huge. But I have to say, I feel fantastic. Going from 364 to 335 feels like I lost a hundred pounds. I am not out of breath when I walk to my car. I can walk the mall without feeling like every bone/muscle/tendon in my feet will explode. I feel lighter.

But I still weight 335 pounds. There’s a long way to go. But being at this size at this moment makes me glad that I did reach 364 pounds. At that weight, by body demanded action. I was tired all the time. Glucose levels were rising. Sleep apnea manifested. Blood pressure crept up. It was the weight at which everything needed to change.

But here I am at 335 and I feel good. Really good. Labs are perfect, glucose is perfect, blood pressure is perfect. I could have stayed at this weight forever. I’m happy to have seen 364 and to have known what that felt like, because it forced me to wake up and make a change. And now I’ll keep working, keep plugging away, until I am approved for surgery, and then thereafter. I’m doing the right thing. I feel great, and I know it’s only going to get better from here.


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