Book Review: Weight Loss Surgery–Is It Right For You?

After the last book earned a resounding no thumbs up, this one was a nice reprieve from the monotony of most WLS texts. Like many weight loss surgery books, Weight Loss Surgery–Is It Right For You? covers all the basics: choosing a surgery, choosing a surgeon, understanding the procedures, etc. But what strikes me as different about this book is that it’s written to a somewhat-educated, well-informed audience. Things aren’t explained as if you’re completely unfamiliar with common medical terms, nor are sentences arranged in short, brainless, pseudo-insulting simplicity. This book seems much smarter than other Weight Loss Surgery texts I’ve read. Not only that, but topics are discussed in much greater detail, which satisfies my curiosity of mind.

At this point in my own WLS process, I found chapter 7 on “The Days Before and The Day of Surgery” to be the most informative and interesting. The checklist of things to complete before surgery is helpful, listing the usual things like stocking the refridgerator with post-op appropriate foods, cleaning the house, arranging for post-op care, etc. The list also, however, includes useful things I wouldn’t necessarily think of like:

  • Verify sick leave approval from work
  • Make arrangements for blood donations
  • Purchase a pill crusher
  • Purchase antibacterial soap for showering

And the like. One question posed continuously on WLS message boards is a request for a list of banned post-op medications. This book includes a comprehensive list of inappropriate medications and a short list of drugs that can be taken safely in moderation. Every WLS patient should have access to a list like this one. Purchasing Weight Loss Surgery–Is It Right For You? may serve as an excellent reference material in that regard.

The closing chapters of the text focus on emotional preparation and recovery after WLS. A section is dedicated to marital strain and the specific pressures placed on marriage after weight loss surgery. Most useful, however, is a chapter written to family members and friends of WLS patients which explains the changes we WLS patients will undergo and how to best support us during out recovery. I plan to synthesize this chapter and share it with family and friends who may ask how they can support me during my recovery.

Overall, Weight Loss Surgery–Is It Right For You? is the most comprehensive, smart, and informative WLS text I’ve read so far. I plan to purchase a copy to keep on hand for reference later on.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

weightloss_cv.gifISBN: 0-7570-0145-9


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  1. I’ve used my pill crusher everyday since surgery – and let me tell you – pills taste like crud!! I try to mix the crushed pills with a “shot” of cranberry juice… then I trace it with chocolate milk or something sweeter… it’s really gross – but I’ve only thrown up once in the last 7 weeks because of those dang pills!

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