Today’s the day!

I’ve been waiting for September 21st for about 5 months. Today I finally get to go to my pre-op consultation with Dr. Jawad. What’s next? One more month of follow-ups with PCP and nutritionist, get a letter from PCP along with copies of my last month’s chart, get psych eval and other pre-op testing, and submit to insurance at the end of October. BCBS has to answer me in 14 days, so my real, final answer should come in about 40 days. Then I get scheduled at Dr. Jawad’s office (and pray there’s a break in the 2-month waiting list for me).

I shouldn’t be nervous about today’s appointment, but I am. I’m worried that I’ll find out the wait is longer, the staff sucks, the doctor is a doofus. I want to walk out of there today with a healthy dose of reality about the procedure, but with confidence that I’m in capable hands. My mom is coming with me this morning and I’m also a little nervous about having her there. This will be a lot of new information for her, and it probably would have been easier to go by  myself as planned. Oh well. And who knows? Maybe I’ll be glad she was there.

I’ll report back later this afternoon. Cheerio!


One Response

  1. can’t wait to read about how it went!

    all the best to you!


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