Pre-op testing phase 1

Last week, I had the required bloodwork (H. Pylori test, CBC, CMP) and my 5th diet check-up with my PCP, as well as my gallbladder ultrasound. Sadly, no stones. No two-for-one with this surgery! The technician did tell me that my liver is fatty, but heck… I figured that was to be expected.

This week I have the psychiatric evaluation Monday afternoon. Fun!

In other news, Lee & I got some pretty bad news in the mail yesterday. We’ve only lived in our new house since February, and it turns out the mortgage company underestimated our property taxes by nearly $400 a month. Yes, that’s right, our steady, fixed interest, 20% down conservative mortgage payment just went up by almost $400 a month. That may not sound like much to anyone, but to us it’s a serious problem. Especially considering the new motorcycle Lee just bought two weeks ago. I cried for a few hours wondering what in the heck we’re going to do (things are feeling a bit out of control these days), but Lee assured me we can make it work. I hope he’s right. It sure makes spending another $1500 toward my out-of-pocket maximum for surgery a little more scary. In the meantime, I’m researching part-time gigs I can do to earn some extra cash (on top of working full-time, being a PhD student, and teaching classes as an adjunct–sheesh).

Ah, well, life goes on. There’s always a way.


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