Psychiatric Evaluation


I met with the psychiatrist on Monday afternoon. Of all the weight loss surgery requirements, this one scared me the most. For some reason, I was afraid that the doctor would discover things wrong with me that even I didn’t know about!

The appointment started like any other–paperwork, insurance card, etc. Then we went into the Doctor’s office and I sat down. He asked me about my age, my career, my family support, why I chose to do the surgery now, whether I’ve done research, what I know about recovery, etc. By the time our interview was finished, the doctor was saying things like, “well, you sound completely normal to me” and “the mmpi is really just going through the  motions. Based on our discussion, I don’t see any problems.” That helped, because it was the mmpi that had me nervous. The doctor asked if I had questions, and I asked if I should set up counseling appointments ahead of time for the changes I’ll face after surgery (which was my plan), and he basically said “No, I don’t think you need that. Just call me if you feel weird.” Uh, ok. I mean, insurance pays for 24 sessions a year, so I thought it would make sense to use them, but if he doesn’t think I need it, then I guess I don’t!

To take the mmpi, I sat in another room. I was surprised that it was an actual pencil-and-paper type thing. When potential counseling students take the mmpi at the University where I work, it’s a computer-generated exam. Filling in over 300 tiny True or False bubbles took forever, but the test wasn’t as weird as I expected. Nothing about green men in my refrigerator like I’d heard from others! Maybe that’s because he gave me the shorter version of the test, I don’t know. My one concern is that I am a pretty introverted person, and I hope that doesn’t come across as antisocial or something. Oh well. I was honest on the test, so whatever happens happens.

Dr. Marcil said he would score the exam by hand, and send information to both Dr Jawad’s office and to my home address so I can see the results. I’m looking forward to that! I’ll call Dr. Jawad’s office in a week or so to make sure they’ve received the information.

Next up: nutritionist October 15th, primary doctor October 22nd. Then I submit for insurance approval. Moving right along!


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  1. So, what kinds of questions do they ask you? Common sense stuff? That part worries me as well!

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