Diagnosis Deferred

The psych eval is in, and I’m officially recommended for surgery. Apparently, I have an adequate support network, I understand the lifetime changes I’m facing, and I have no history of eating disorders. (HA!)

The letter itself is very positive, even going so far as to say “No psychotherapy appears necessary at this time.” Wow. Okay. See, I thought that once I got into the office a million issues would surface and I’d be halfway to a mental institution before I bubbled in my answer to question 200 of the mmpi. Apparently, I’m good to go!

The letter is positive and says all the things I’d want a letter to say. But the mmpi results are a complete mystery to me. I’ve done hours of research online, and I can’t find out any more than a bare minimum. I have no idea if the letter is positive to counter negative test results, or if it’s all positive. I’m just not sure. The doctor writes:

My diagnostic impression is as follows:

Axis I: 799.9 Diagnosis Deferred

Axis II: 799.9 Diagnosis Deferred

Axis III: obesity, sleep apnea

Axis IV: Psychosocial Stressors: weight difficulties

Axis V: Current GAF: 78

Highest GAF past year: 84

I have no idea what all of that means. To me, it sounds like there was no problem on Axis I or II, but that III and IV could be problematic. I just have no clue. But it is good for the psyche for a psychologist to write “Ms. LastName has built a stable life for herself reflecting a fundamental stability in her personality.” I guess that means I really am okay. For now.


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