The big 5-0

Roughly the equivalent of twin two-year-olds, I now walk around without that extra 50 pounds of fat clinging to my frame.

This all began in April, which means I’ve lost an average of 8.33 pounds per month. I’m exceedingly happy with that progress, even if it does mean I still weigh a whopping 314 pounds. I have a long way to go.

If it were possible to keep up this rate of loss (ha!–we all know diets can never go on forever), it would take me another two years to reach a healthy weight of 140 pounds. Since that’s not achievable, I am really looking forward to my surgery. My goal is to lose another 24 pounds to reach 290 before  my sister’s wedding on December 29th, which means I need to get cracking on a faster rate of weight loss. Perhaps actually exercising would do the trick. But heck, even if I keep the current rate of progress, I’d land at about 297. I’ll take what I can get!



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