PhD Update

Ok, so we’ve already been over this, but things happen at lightening speed and change 40 times a day in my world. Welcome to it.

Without going through the whole entire saga, suffice to say that I am definitely not applying for the PhD program this spring, nor will I take any spring or summer classes as a non-degree-seeking student. Why, you ask? Because the Director of the program rocked my world yesterday afternoon.

Here’s the deal: she doesn’t want me to apply for spring because if I can’t be full-time (not possible during/after surgery), I’ll lose the possibility of funding. And as I’ve said, I am at my personal limit for student loans. Makes me want to gag a little.

Anyhow, she doesn’t want me to apply for spring. She wants me to apply for fall. Because if, by December, I can raise my GRE score a mere 100 points, she can guarantee me a fellowship that means free tuition as well as $17,000 per year in cold hard cash beginning with the Fall 2008 semester. After two years, that money would make a significant dent in my student loan debt. Like, seriously.

This feels like a very, very good thing. Interim goal: improve GRE score (also a nice distraction from insurance approval!). Spring: submit application materials, heal and focus on health, Summer: keep focusing on health, gear up for program. Fall: off and running! I’ve already worked out the course progression, and I’d be done with coursework by December 2009 and I’d just have dissertation work to do every semester after that until I’m finished.

The only minor issue is that this means I’ll need to make student loan payments this spring and summer, which is what I had planned to do anyway. When I gave my parents the great news about the fellowship possibility, they offered to pay my $400 a month in student loans during spring and summer. That was awfully generous, but of course I refused. It’s my debt, not theirs. And of course I don’t mind doing some extra work–in fact, I just got hired as a home agent for, so we’ll see how that goes.

I feel very peaceful about this change in events. I am grateful that I could be considered for a fellowship! What a blessing!

Now on to scour for GRE test-prep materials….


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  1. What does an at home agent for 1-800 flowers do?

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