I’m an idiot. I was calling the insurance company’s pre-certification department. I should have been calling the pre-determination department. Poor Odalys at my surgeon’s office finally called to set me straight (she was probably getting sick of my emails!).

Odalys said that we should wait about 30 days before we can start calling the insurance company (me? WAIT? ha!). Of course, I hung up with her and called the correct department at BCBS. Fortunately, I got an awesome guy on the phone (Rick, you rock!) and he not only confirmed that my docs had been received (by mail, mind you) but also that he was going to fill out some paperwork right then and there and move it along in the process. He said, “I’ll take over from here, and you will be good to go.” I heart you, Rick.

He even said I could call back in a few days to check in on things. My hero.  So what’s next? I’ll call back on Friday to make sure that my file is under review in the pre-determination department. For now, more waiting and trying to remain chill.


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  1. I think this whole thing is one huge waiting process. I’m waiting for my consult, waiting for five more months to pass for my structured diet to be accomplished, then it is waiting for approval, waiting for a date, waiting for the date to arrive, then waiting for the weight to start coming off. Patience has never been one of my virtues, but it might be once this is all said and done!

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