Updates all around

Ok, the every day “emotions” posts? They’re history. Just like a diet, I can only stick to the regiment for a week or so. Besides, I think we’ve been able to establish a pattern: the negative emotion is always related to being over-busy, then there are many competing positive emotions swirling around as well. Bottom line: stress = overeating. Managing stress = managing disordered food habits. Got it.

Next up, I’m supposed to write a letter to food. When I do that I’ll post it here for you to laugh at.

Lee and I did talk to my psychologist. It was unbelievable. Lee sat down on her couch and just spilled everything out. It took me 7 years to learn what I know about his childhood, and he laid it all out for the counselor in an hour and 15 minutes! Having talked to me previously, she knew the issue of children was a tension for us and toward the end of the session, Dr. Sult asked, “is there anything in your marriage that we should discuss?” Lee had no answer, said everything was great. Dr. Sult turned the question toward me and allowed me to bring up the issue of kids. I’m not sure why Lee chose not to mention it himself… maybe because in comparison with the trauma of his childhood, it’s just not that overwhelming of an issue. Anyhow, the Dr. was interested to learn that Lee loves being around kids, loves playing with them at the beach, etc. She said that usually, people who don’t want kids feel that way because they don’t actually enjoy kids. That’s definitely not the case with Lee.

So much ground was covered that Dr. Sult didn’t even get to finish the normal intake process, so she’ll do some more interviewing Lee in our next appointment before starting to sort through various topics. We haven’t set up a second appointment because we’re waiting to get Lee’s schedule for the next couple weeks, but I don’t think Lee will hesitate to go back. When we left, he said that it felt good to get all of that stuff out. I know he loved Dr. Sult, so I think he’ll be okay with going back.

The only downside to this whole experience is that Lee talked to my mom about going. I didn’t even have a chance to stop him! While I was at the chiropractor getting snap crackle popped, he swung by my parents house and spilled the beans–that we went to the counselor together, that we can’t decide about having kids, the whole works. No privacy in this family, I tell ya. But I’m very, very glad that Lee is open with my mom and that he turns to her for help. That was a rocky relationship in the beginning, but that’s another story for another day.

Insurance: nothing new. Still waiting. I’m so scared that I’ll get denied for some reason that I’m going to keep up with the nutritionist and PCP visits even though my 6 months of supervised dieting is over. Knowing I have to go weigh in with them helps me stay on the straight and narrow anyway.

Off to study vocabulary words for the GRE…


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