Happy happy joy joy!!!

I’m approved!!!

I called BCBS again today and got Rick, the same dude who rocked my world last time. Instead of saying “it’s under review” like everyone else, he put me on hold and worked his magic. In a few short moments, he gave me the news. I think I freaked him out a little by how excited I was….

Now I wait for BCBS to send the actual approval letter. Once the surgeon’s office receives that letter, then my file will go to the scheduler for a surgery date.

Apparently, BCBS has approved me for a 3-day hospital stay with a surgery date of 12/25. Christmas Day. 4 days before my sister’s wedding. But I’m completely ignoring that since the surgery date is set by the surgeon anyway.

So anyway, woot!! And now, more waiting.


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  1. With family here from England, I am way behind on my blog reading, so YAY for you!! Congrats on the approval process! You must be excited as hell! I know I would be!

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