The TRUTH about insurance approval

You go into this process knowing there are several steps: a 6-month diet (in my case), monthly PCP and nutritionist appointments, a psychological evaluation, gallbladder ultrasound (which… WHY?), various blood tests, a consultation at the surgeon’s office, blah blah blah. Many steps.

But what nobody will tell you is about all of the interim steps between each and every one of these major events. Need this from that doctor to schedule this exam which must be after that exam but before that other exam. It’s like secretarial Olympics trying to get anything done.

Case in point: I found out I was approved on Tuesday. I opted out of the obligatory “I’m Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” post on OH because I knew this is just one more step in the millions I have left. I called the surgeon’s office. They called me back and asked for a reference number (this is the short version: just getting to speak to someone at the surgeon’s office took something like, oh, SIXTY phone calls). I called BCBS and got the reference number. I called the surgeon’s office. I called BCBS back to see if they would fax the approval letter (the jerk from the other day answered and said NO). I called the surgeon’s office back.  She has to call Health Management Services. We wait for the letter that was mailed ONE FULL WEEK ago to arrive.

Then my file goes to the scheduler. You see? Everything above, that was all part of the approval step.

I wonder how laissez faire types ever get this done. Maybe they don’t. Like, my sister for instance: I think she would have been totally irritated by all of the paper work about, say, 5 months ago. I mean, I’m neurotic about documentation and I’m a process-driven thinker and even I am about to sign up for the medical-information-insurance-real-time-microchip-implant-thumb scanner. IF I can get approval for it.


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