I can’t try to  make this insurance thing go any faster. I can’t keep trying to reach the pre-determination coordinator because she never answers her freaking phone. I can’t keep running around in circles trying to get this done.

In the last 24 hours:

  • My surgeon’s office said the approval letter faxed them isn’t specific enough: it should have a procedure code, diagnosis code, and hospital facility listed
  • one BCBS employee told me the surgeon’s office is giving me the run-around and that they couldn’t possibly need anything else than what the letter already states
  • another BCBS employee said he could get the information they need faxed to them lickety split, no problem, but that a hospital facility will not be listed since the information from the SURGEON’S OFFICE did not list a facility (and than any in-network facility would be fine)
  • the surgeon’s office said that Odalys is in meetings with prospective patients all day and that the fax never arrived (5 hours after the “I’ll fax that right away” phone call)
  • BCBS said there IS no letter with additional information, and that I should have my surgeon’s office call them directly

Um, yeah, that would be great, but they’re  obvious not on the ball. I am literally sitting here at my desk at work, door closed, blogging to the stop the crying because I’m so dang frustrated.

I have been meticulous about documentation since day 1. I was approved on November 8th. I’m just going to try and put this out of my mind, because I’m obviously getting nowhere any time soon.


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