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Thanksgiving: awesome. I have the best family imaginable, although it’s getting more difficult to fit everybody in one house. I can see that we’re on the verge of branching out into our own little mini-families now that so many of us cousins have had children of our own (excluding Lee & I–we’re the barren ones of the bunch). I’m cherishing these times where we’re all together.

GRE: Thursday. Lots of fellowship money is riding on this test, so I’m in “the zone” trying to prepare. Despite the fear, I know this will all turn out well. God is not a tease.

Insurance approval: nothing new. Some dude named Kurt from Health Management Services called my home number yesterday and left a message. I’ve called him back approximately 87 times today, only to get his voicemail. I’ve left 1 message, so all I can do is wait for him to call me.

Question: when a doctor’s office tries to reach me, why do they always go for the home phone number? With nearly all men and well more than half of all women in the work force, why in the world to people assume anyone would be home to pick up the telephone at noon on a Monday? I’m going to stop giving away my home number and use my cell exclusively. We only have a home phone so that our alarm system can call the police if need be. Other than that, it’s totally useless since we’re never there during business hours.

Weight: not good. I’ve been battling in the low 300’s for over two months now. I’ve gone from 307 before Thanksgiving back up to 310, and I’ve been counting calories and tracking my foods on FitDay. I don’t know why I’ve stopped losing suddenly. I suppose it could be attributed to stress. I’m just going to keep sticking to the plan, keep getting enough sleep, etc and I know I’ll keeping dropping pounds. I had hoped to be down under 300 by now, but I’m in no mood to starve myself to try to get there. It will happen.

Husband: hasn’t been back to the counselor. It’s a busy time for both of us, so I’m not pressing. He has a job interview Friday morning which is somewhat unexpected. I don’t think he’ll end up taking it, but I hope they offer it to him anyway. He could use the boost of self-esteem and the illusion that he’s not stuck in his current job.


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  1. i’m with you on the doctor’s offices calling the HOME numbers…this makes me crazy, too.

    good luck with all you’re currently dealing with.

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