29 days??

Here’s the latest. Nobody from BCBS ever called Odalys like they said they would. I spoke with Odalys Monday and she asked me to call her again Tuesday at 1:30 in the afternoon. I did, she was at lunch. 2:30, no answer.

But then at 4:22 pm, Odalys called ME.

She said that she spoke with someone named Charmagne at BCBS. Odalys said that Charmagne verbally confirmed that I was approved, so Odalys gave Charmagne a surgery date and then said that she needed a letter with the procedure code, facility, date, and Dr. Jawad’s name on it in order to schedule my surgery. Charmagne apparently said that would be no problem.

So let’s see what happens now. This will be try #3 of waiting for the letter to come.

My vow: to not call insurance every day to ask if the letter has been sent. I promise to give it a full week (ok, at least until Friday) before I start checking on things again.

So I asked Odalys, “you said you had to give them a date… I know you probably just randomly picked something, but I’m curious… what date did you give?” I half-expected MARCH 29TH or something ridiculously far off in the future. Instead, she said, “January 9th. If we get the letter pretty quickly and that date is still available, we’ll be able to officially offer that as your surgery date.”

The 9th? I thought early January was long gone! The 9th? That’s in only 29 days! The 9th? That would be perfect timing!

I don’t want to get too attached to the 9th, because anything could happen between now and the delivery (or non-delivery) of the Magical Letter of Wonderment.  But the 9th would be nice!

Dang it, my hopes are back up. Please God, give Charmagne the desire to follow through on this letter!


2 Responses

  1. Hooray!! You have a pseudo, hopefully soon to be concrete date! Maybe two people with odd names (ODalys and Charmagne) will make beautiful music together! Hey, it could happen!

  2. What a crazy ordeal – I’m reading backwards of course trying to go through your archive… but geez! I thought my story was crazy… but I guess we all have to jump through hoops to get this surgery done… thank goodness we have the determination because it is SOO worth it!

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