My firstborn shall be named Charmagne

Because I’m an impatient hag, I had to call BCBS to check on the status once more. Hey, if I was going to break a vow, that’s a good one to break.

Like any call, this one involved rehashing the entire saga and explaining at least 5 times that no, the approval letter sent on November 8th was not what my surgeon needed. Then I got the whole “we don’t have a Charmagne working here” and the “there’s no record of your surgeon calling on Tuesday the 11th” schpiel.

Eventually, the BCBS rep checked with another department and lo and behold! They confirmed! Charmagne sent a letter that same day, Tuesday the 11th, to Odalys! It should arrive soon! We verified Dr. Jawad’s mailing address and it matched!

Of course, I’ve been through all of this before, so I asked if they could please fax the letter to the surgeon’s office today. The said no. Flat-out no. It has already been mailed, and the surgeon’s office didn’t request a fax (dammit, I’m requesting a fax!)

But that’s okay, I won’t let that bother me. I emailed Odalys to let her know that I got confirmation the letter had been mailed, and I gave her the number where she could call to request a fax if she wanted to.

I’ve done all I can. So long as the letter includes the information Odalys asked for, we’re good to go.

So, again, I just have to wait. But one thing is for sure: Charmagne exists, she works for BCBS, and she sent a letter after talking to Odalys. Sounds like a victory!


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