Dang Christmas Cards are Slowing My Letter Down!

So the approval letter that’s supposed to include the procedure code, facility, doctor’s name, etc was supposedly mailed last Tuesday, December 11th. Problem is, nobody has seen it yet.

I called Odalys, she already checked today’s mail but the letter wasn’t in it. So I called BCBS to see if they could fax it, but the dude Jim said he doesn’t have access to the letter “since he’s in pre-certification.” I said, “ok, well who does have access to the letter.” He says, “Benefits.”

So I hang up. When the prompts come on, I yell “BENEFITS” since the stupid voice recognition software doesn’t understand anything I say unless I yell (so much for privacy… sorry coworkers). I spoke with Danielle who said, “I don’t have access to the letter either, but I can contact the department that does. They are already closed for the day, so it probably won’t be faxed until tomorrow.”

So maybe the letter will be faxed to me tomorrow, in which case I can fax it to Dr. Jawad’s office. And let’s just pray the letter really does include all of the information Odalys needs to give me the green light for surgery.


One Response

  1. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for you, Meg and praying that the faxing gods take mercy on you and fax that damn letter!

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