And now I have a NEW surgery date…

Pre-op appointment January 17th, surgery January 22nd. Turns out Dr. Jawad was booked on the 16th. The 15th is still open, but I don’t want my mom spending her birthday waiting for me to come out of surgery.

It’s now 34 days to surgery.

After all this waiting, you’d think I’d be clamoring to get the earliest surgery date possible, but I’m actually quite calm. I’m grateful the insurance fiasco is over, and now I can concentrate on preparing my mind and body for this change.

Dr. Jawad’s office is going to mail me a packet of information by the end of this week that details my pre-op instructions. There’s a 2-week liquid diet and a pre-op appointment that includes a meeting with a nutritionist, nurse, Dr. Jawad himself, as well as an EKG and other blood tests.

Yay, yay, YAY!


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