32 days!

And counting! I can’t wait to get info from my surgeon’s office on the pre-op details: when to begin the liquid diet, what else I need to do to prepare. It’s like waiting on the school supplies list when I was a kid. Except this involves cutting my guts up. But anyways…

Like half the world, I read Dooce on a regular basis. I’ve been intrigued by her battle with depression. I especially enjoyed her husband’s take on what it’s like to live with a person who suffers from depression.

I’ve mentioned it before, and it’s an ongoing concern. My husband carries a lot of baggage from his childhood, and I can only pray that he’ll become more open to therapy as time goes on. We went to one session and he thought he was cured… until the next low point. I pray for him constantly–for his mental health, for his happiness. The good news is that he has made plans to speak with a career counselor about his unhappiness at work and the possibility of a new career path. Hey, any visit to a counselor is a victory!

In the meantime, I’ve made an appointment myself to see a new psychologist. I want to be sure I’ve got all the right support going into surgery and dealing with “Life After Stuffing My Face” afterwards. There’s way too much chatter about transfer addictions to pretend I’m not vulnerable. I’ve got to be proactive.

Next on the agenda: Christmas shopping all afternoon, then wrapping presents and cleaning house. Tomorrow night: throw my sister a kick-ass bachelorette party and then spend all day Sunday recovering.

Merry Christmas!


2 Responses

  1. Yes, I worry about transfer addictions too, though I’m not sure what I’d turn to other than back to cigarettes and I’m not sure I could still stomach them!

    Have fun at the party and Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Where are those pictures from the wedding?! šŸ™‚ I haven’t worried to much about transfer addictions, but I’ll be on the look out. It’s been so long since I’ve been involved with anything other than food or television… I don’t know if I’d know what was happening… hmmm… this could be a problem.

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