The past week has been more than hectic. Last weekend, I threw my sister a bachelorette party and it was a blast. We met at a hotel, had a nice dinner, she opened gifts, and then we hung out at Howl at the Moon until the wee hours of the morning. I had a blast, though I ingested far too many calories in adult beverages. Our friends were buying Rachel drinks all night, and the combo of whatever it was she drank didn’t settle well… poor girl upchucked the moment we stepped out of the bar and all night long.

The next couple of days were spent last-minute Christmas shopping, cookie baking, and gift-wrapping. I gave my husband a new motorcycle jacket and he went out on a ride a couple of days ago and complained about how hot it was… duh honey!, you’re supposed to take the winter lining OUT of the jacket when it’s 80 degrees in Florida! (Yep, 80.)

Christmas was wonderful as always. Somehow my sister and Greg missed the get-together at his Grandparent’s house out of town, so they ended up staying with our side of the family for both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. It was great having Rach there the whole time!

On Wednesday, I went to see a new therapist in order to stave off transfer addictions or other issues resulting from WLS. We clicked immediately… I already love going to see her. She didn’t focus on my weight (as in numbers) or try to discuss my diet like a nutritionist. Instead, she focused on Who Am I? type issues and the like. Her last comment before I left our first appointment was, “If your husband ever wants to come in for one of your sessions… tell him to get his own therapist!” It was pretty funny… I do have a tendency to want to take care of him before taking care of myself. She made it clear this is My Time to talk about ME and that I shouldn’t give that up. I look forward to seeing her again in a few days.

Then I moved immediately into wedding mode. I spent Thursday cleaning out my sister’s room at my parent’s house… that room was like nothing you can imagine. It was piled high with clothes that have been on the floor forEVER. We threw away probably 8 huge trash bags of junk, cleaned and washed everything that was left, and got her ready for her move to Jacksonville. I also collected a bunch of clothes in smaller sizes for my upcoming weight loss–can’t wait until I need them!

Friday was manicure/pedicures, a bridal luncheon, and massages. I’ve never had a message before (well, except from my husband) and it was AMAZING. The masseuse, though, talked the entire time which was sort of annoying. Even so, I felt 100% better once she was done. I got her card and may have to make massages a new part of my self-care routine! Later than night we did the rehearsal dinner which was very elegant. It was a beautiful evening!

And yesterday was my little sister’s wedding day. There’s so much to say that I’ll save it for another post (with pictures!). She looked gorgeous of course and it was a beautiful ceremony. The reception was also wonderful… lots of dancing as the night wore on! Pictures to come!

And today is the first day I can really relax. Lee’s at work and I’m at home doing laundry, cleaning out filing cabinets, and trying to get the house reorganized. Lee’s off tomorrow so we’ll find something fun to for New Year’s Eve. I’m really looking forward to 2008!

23 days to surgery!


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  1. The holidays are insane, aren’t they? We had our Christmas open house tonight and it is so much work for about 5 hours of people coming and going. Maybe I’m just feeling anxious to get into 2008 and to get January done so we can submit to insurance! I hope we don’t have a ODalys at my surgeon’s office!

    Anyway, glad to hear that your holidays went well. The massage sounds wonderful and is on my list of things to do too. How are you feeling now with your surgery date looming closer? Nervous at all?

  2. Hi there,

    I found your site through another that I read, and just wanted to wish you much luck with your upcoming surgery. I had mine on 11/15, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

    Please feel free to look at my blog when you get a chance… and if you want to leave a comment – I’ll link your blog to mine. 🙂

    Kim H.

  3. @ Kim — I PRAY you don’t have an Odalys too! But hey, it all worked out and it’s perfect timing after all. I do feel a little nervous… not about the surgery itself, just about whether or not I’m making the right decision for the long run. My fears about things like reactive hypoglycemia, horrible complications run amuck, vitamin deficiencies, skin issues… but all of that is part of the package of possibilities (or certainties when it comes to skin). Still, I know I need to do this, and I know I won’t regret it. I’ve still got 22 more days to freak out!

    @ Kim H. — thanks for the well-wishes! I’ll be reading your archives to hear the gory details of the immediate post-surgery days!

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