Wedding Pictures!

To be honest, I have no idea how this WordPress template will handle posting pictures, but we shall find out!

To begin with, a pretty bride! (My little sister Rachel):


TEARJERKER. Dad and Rach coming down the aisle. Rachel’s veil is on, but we forgot to put the blusher over her face in all the commotion. Oops!

And then mom and Lee coming into and out of the ceremony. For some reason, I love these pics!



And here’s me and my sister at the church. Talk about eye makeup, sheesh! Hey, I got lots of compliments on it, so it couldn’t have been TOO bad.


Rachel and me outside before the reception:


My toast… I didn’t even cry! Victory!


The last carbs since I started the pre-op liquid/protein diet. *Sniffle*


My mom and sister cutting it up on the dance floor. Crazy kids!


Me and Lee breaking it down. (Hello, double chin! Get ready to say goodbye, double chin!)


Birds eye view of Greg and Rach. My Greg, what a massive head you have!


Bye bye! Have fun skiing in Colorado!


Little did they know that less than two hours later, I’d be knocking on their hotel room door to drop off Rachel’s overnight bag and collect their wedding attire. But I have to say, it was a blast getting down from the 10th floor holding a massive wedding gown and sharing the story with all who asked! Fun times!


9 Responses

  1. You all are perfectly gorgeous. I can’t stand the gorgeousity.

  2. You and your sister are both beautiful! Meg, your hubby is going to have to hold back the men after your surgery! You’re gorgeous now; imagine what you’ll look like in six months! Though it is not about the looks, but about health, I am still so excited for you!

  3. You looked great!! I agree with Kim – you are absolutely beautiful. And for a total conicidence – I went skiing in Colorado for my honeymoon too! Thanks for sharing the pictures – it looks like you guys had a great time.

  4. I also was going to tell you that I completely forgot to put my blusher down during my wedding too – but it’s been almost 6 years – so no worries!

  5. i agree with all the previous commenters — you are beautiful!

    and i don’t even know what a “blusher” is!

  6. That cake is amazing.

  7. […] And then Rach & Greg (who you may remember from their wedding pics): […]

  8. Beautiful pics 🙂

  9. Did Charm City make your sisters wedding cake? I just saw an episode and they made a cake with a D on top just like your sisters.
    Are you twins? You look so much alike in the pictures. Both of you and your Mom looked beautiful

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