So many presents, so little dough.

January is always a tight month financially, coming off of Christmas and all, but it’s especially so this year: we have our first Home Owner’s Association fees due, I have the out of pocket expenses of surgery, and student loan bills will arrive any second since I’m not on an in-school deferment this spring. But alas, my birthday is in a couple of days, and darn it, I should pick a present!

I’ve had my eye on these prints since I saw them in the fall 2007 Pottery Barn catalog. Every time I get an email sale alert, I check to see if the price has gone down. Down to $129 from $199, now’s as good a time as any to buy. Our house is decorated in a lot of neutrals on the floors and walls, and then dark brown leather furniture. Lots and lots of brown. Lee and I both love the warm, cozy, feel of our decor, but I’ve tried to interject color where I can. The print hanging behind our couch was a cheap Ikea find, and it suffered some damage during the move. Instead of replacing it with the same all-brown, bare-branched fall imagery, I’m leaning toward the splash of green interjected by the Pottery Barn prints. I’m not sure how the “espresso” stained frames will go with our lighter cabinets and end tables or how I’ll like the series of 8 squares hung together on the wall, but I’m thinking it’s worth a shot. Even so, the “all sales are final” disclaimer is a turn off.

At the same time, I’m longing for a fancy schmancy Franklin Covey planner / calendar system. I’ve been using the free google calendar for several months and while it’s pretty user-friendly and reliable, I’m not really into the color-coordination and constant online-checking it requires. I miss those days of Day-Timers in college. Things seem less overwhelming when they’re spread over a paper calendar written in pencil instead of glaring in bright colors from the glowing computer screen. Maybe I’m just weird.

So today I’ll finish cleaning the house, meal planning, and grocery shopping, and then head off to see if any planners at Franklin Covey strike my fancy. If not, hello Framed Botanical Prints!


2 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to see what you decide on… I saved myself a little on that with my house – I put the couch in the middle of the room – so no walls to fill around it. 🙂

    I can relate on the HOA dues – what exactly are they doing with my $400?!

  2. Hey, the Franklin Covey books I have seen on sale…lemme think where…Target?? Sheesh and someplace else too, but I forget now. If I think of it, I’ll let you know! When’s your birthday?? If you don’t tell me, have a happy!!

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