Go Meghan, It’s Your Birthday!

Happy 26th Birthday to me! And happy it is. It’s the first day of spring classes at my University so I’m swamped at work, but it has been a wonderful day!

The celebrations started last night. My parents took Lee & I out to dinner and then to see Charlie Wilson’s War. I wore a new black twinset mom bought me last week, and… drumroll… some Levi jeans I bought like 5 years ago that have NEVER fit! Sure, they were pretty darn tight (we know Levi 24’s are nothing like Old Navy 24’s, of course), but darnit, they were on!

A friend at work surprised me with a homemade cake, so of course I was obligated to eat a slice (glad I skipped on any carbs last night). Delicious, I tell you! Then Lee drove all the way from home to surprise me with flowers and lunch (if gas prices rise tomorrow, it’s his fault… that’s an hour drive each way).

Calls from friends and family, ecards galore, text messages… a good day! And as far as the presents go, I got a couple of gift cards that I’ll work back into the reward system somehow as well as some jewelry. I ended up finding a Franklin Covey planner on clearance at Office Depot that only cost me about $15 after an exchange, so I’ll wind up with the planner and the Pottery Barn prints. Bargain shopper, yes?

Now on to teach 4 hours of Leadership for Academic Success….


2 Responses

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like a great day!! Congratulations on the pants!! That’s fabulous – and so rewarding. You’ll have to take pictures of your living room when you get the prints hung.

  2. Happy birthday, Meg!! Fitting into clothes is such a wonderful feeling! I agree with Kim, I want to see pics!

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