Finally!! In my typical morning routine, I rolled out of bed, went to the bathroom, and then stepped on the scale. 299.6. FINALLY!

It has been my absolute mission to get out of the 300’s before surgery. Everyone says to lose as much weight beforehand as possible. In April, I started my pre-op diet weighing 364 pounds.

My sister asked me yesterday what I’m going to eat for all my last meals. I said I’ve had enough last meals, and I don’t feel inclined to pig out in any way. My weight loss journey doesn’t start on surgery day. It started 9 months ago, and I’m already successful, and the surgery is just a tool to keep regain at bay and to boost my loss down to the 100’s.

Screw you 300’s!


4 Responses

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I know how you feel – I started this journey at 317, and I vow to never see the 300’s again! When I get into the 100’s – I’ll make the same vow again to never see the 200’s again.

    Keep up the great work – you’re doing an amazing job.

  2. Hi Meghan! Wow, you and I are both going through this right at the same time! I’m so excited for you. I laughed at the “idiots guide to being sexy.” I so understand. 😉 However, I sawa those wedding pictures, and you are gorgeous right now! No need to lose weight to GET gorgeous!

    I hope your surgery goes super well. Don’t psych yourself out, or borrow worry from tomorrow. I go in on tuesday and all will be well!

  3. You’ve done amazingly well, Meghan! You already have a jump start to your new life!

  4. CONGRATS and best wishes to you! Looks like you are well on your way!!


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