Bariatric Shopping Spree

There’s so much discussion about different proteins and vitamins and gas deodorizers and hair growers related to bariatric surgery that I have no clear idea where to start, but I did anyway.

I knew I’d end up purchasing the Bariatric Advantage line of products the moment I started thinking about vitamins. I’m still not sure exactly how much I need of which supplements, and what should by dry form and what should be, uh, un-dry (?), or what kind of vitamin schedule I’ll be on. So I’m leaving it to Bariatric Advantage to figure that out for me as I get started. I bought the 90-day pack which includes a chewable multi-vitamin, an Iron/C supplement, calcium/D lozenges, and sublingual B12 tablets. All of which I’m sure could have been purchased at the grocery store, but whatever. The products individually cost about $150, but are discounted to $109 when purchased together. And through today, they’re marked down even further to $99.80 at Bariatric Eating. I don’t start supplements until 2 weeks post-op, but ten bucks off always spurs me to action.

Now, while ordering my vitamins, I kept adding other things to my shopping cart. Thankfully, I had the good sense to stop before checking out and do a quick online search for lower prices. I found Zero Carb Isopure for less at Vitamin Shoppe, and quickly noticed their “free shipping on $99” sale. If anything irks me, it’s shelling out for shipping, so of course I wanted to take advantage.

I also remembered Melting Mama’s profession of love for ISS Oh Yeah! Protein Wafers, also on sale at Vitamin Shoppe this week. But should I really spend like $65 on a product I’ve never tried and can’t even ingest for more than a month (at least)? No, I just chose a few boxes of the ISS wafers and went a-searching for additional products.

I remembered hearing about Designer Whey proteins and–lo and behold–they too were on sale at Vitamin Shoppe this week. So I added a 2 pounds of Chocolate protein to my cart. That brought me to the $99 threshold for free shipping but, alas!, I am also a coupon code hunter.

I googled “Vitamin Shoppe coupon codes” and came up with $15 off $100 purchase coupon. But my total needed to stay over $99 for free shipping. So I happily added 2 additional pounds of Designer Whey protein in vanilla to my cart, entered my coupon codes, and voila! $115 worth of product for $100 and free shipping. I get it from my momma.

And this, my friends, is how someone 2 weeks pre-op winds up with 7 pounds of untested protein powder, 3 boxes of wafers she can’t eat for 8 weeks, enough vitamins to kill a horse, and 200 dollars in additional credit card charges.


5 Responses

  1. HA! I know how you feel – I bought the 8 pound bucket of Isopure without even knowing if I’d be able to use it – I’d heard on a yahoo group that people were calling it Isopuke…but I really like it. I didn’t worry with getting the low carb version, but it’ll probably be more tastey.

    I didn’t buy the Bariatric Advantage vitamins because my docs told me to just take Flintstones – but if you like them – tell me because I think that something made specifically for us couldn’t be bad.

  2. Sounds like you are all geared up and ready to rock and roll! I, too, am a bargain shopper, so you’re one of the folks I’ll be looking to once I have my surgery date!

  3. I love me some ISS Bars.

    I love me some Bariatric Advantage, too.

  4. Just spent my first 50 on trial paks. Hope I like it better than Centrem/Flinstones…

  5. Great site thanks. I like this post very much.

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