Crunch Time

At work. This week is beyond hectic, trying to get things squared away in preparation for 3 weeks out of the office. And two major last-minute projects that absolutely need my attention and can’t wait until after I return. Not to mention the fact that I also need to prepare the online lessons for the class I’m teaching. And a full day lost on Thursday while I’m meeting with the surgeon and pre-registering at the hospital.

Oh! And mom’s birthday dinner and lunch with a friend who’s in town.

But you know? All this commotion keeps me from freaking out, so I welcome it!

8 days!


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, way better to be busy than bored right about now! It helps the time go by faster too without leaving you much time think about it! Not that you need to freak out as you are gonna be just fine!

  2. I can completely understand feeling overwhelmed but at the same time – welcoming it because of the distraction. It will all happen in it’s own time, and will be fine. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll be able to do from home – especially if you have a laptop. The first couple of days when I got out of the hospital were tough to sit up and work on the computer (and by work… I mean communicate with friends… blog… etc) but after those first couple of days – it’s smooth sailing.

    It’s going to go great, and I think that you being busy is a blessing!

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