Waiting for the freak-out

It’s 12 hours until surgery. Only 10.5 hours until we leave for the hospital. I know it’s normal to freak out around this point, but I’m just not. I’m kinda waiting for a wave of fear to overtake me, but it hasn’t happened yet. I just want it over with.

Plus, I’m slightly preoccupied with a little emotion called EXTREME ANNOYANCE because my husband is trying to barter with me about spending tomorrow night at the hospital. I want him there. He’d rather come home and then back to the hospital in the morning. Pray for him to acquire some sense, will you? Frustrating, that man.

So I’ve uploaded instructions for my students while I’m out, had my hair straightened so I don’t have to mess with The Frizz in the hospital (no hair products allowed), packed my hospital bag, stocked up on liquid diet groceries, made my husband his favorite meal tonight since I won’t be cooking for at least a week or s (see? see how I care), and I’ve scrubbed the house so it’s nice and tidy when I get home.

Here we go!!


2 Responses

  1. Meghan, I’ll be praying for you tomorrow and I know you are going to do just fine! I’ll be watching for the update from your sister! By this time tomorrow, girl, you’ll be on the losing side!!

  2. I had an extreme peace about it the day before – so I can totally relate. I got a tiny bit nervous when I was in the pre-op area, but that was because they were talking about canceling on me because my white blood cells were elevated.

    It’s going to go great though, and from here it’s nothing but recovering… and I think you’re well prepared for that. Of course I’m here if you need anything or have any questions!!

    I’ll be praying for you tomorrow too, and will be looking for the update from your sister. Rest well my friend… it’s going to all be over soon.

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