I’m back! My sister wrote the last entry on my behalf. The stay in the hospital was pretty uneventful. I remember waking up in the recovery room and moaning in pain, but they medicated me pretty quickly and I slept most of the six hours I spent in recovery waiting for a room. My family was a bit restless wondering why it took so long, but when we finally did get up to my room, I wasn’t great company. My sister and her husband headed back to Jacksonville, Lee left in the late evening, and mom spent the night with me. For as much of a fuss I made over wanting Lee to stay, it worked out perfectly. Nobody takes care of us like our mommy!

I spent a good part of the day of surgery nauseas, getting meds, and then sleeping. The first time I tried to walk, my blood pressure plummeted as soon as I sat up, so they didn’t press me into walking at all. Finally, around midnight, I took my first walk. Walking doesn’t hurt at all, it’s just the getting in and out of bed that’s a bit uncomfortable.

Surprisingly, I haven’t had any of that left shoulder pain I’d heard so much about. I guess they didn’t leave too much gas inside when the procedure was all said and done. The worst part was the nasogastric tube–when they removed that at 5:30 am the morning after surgery, I felt like a new woman! None of the drains or the catheter hurt being removed either.

So once I got home yesterday afternoon, I just kept sipping on a bottle of Propel water, and it took me about 6 hours to finish 23 ounces. I’ll have to do better than that to stay well-hydrated today, but I think I’m off to a good start.

I did have a little trouble flushing my G-tube the first time… I about passed out on the bathroom floor. The second time wasn’t nearly as bad. I’m trying to stick with a 6-hour schedule, cleaning and draining it when I take nausea medication. This morning I’ll take my first shower since surgery (yippee!), though I’m a little nervous about standing up that long. I’m sure it will be fine. Lee’s back to work Thursday and Friday, so I’ll have my mom home with me all day today and then my sister with me all day tomorrow.

So far, no complaints. I’m staying on top of the pain medication, sipping constantly, and getting lots of rest! Thank you very, very much for all of your prayers!


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  1. Hey! Welcome home! Glad to hear that things went so well and that you are feeling so good! I’m really hoping I don’t wake up with that tube and that it is gone before I’m out of surgery as that is one of my greatest fears! (Yes I am strange that way).
    Praying you continue on the mend!

  2. I’m glad to hear that things are going well – just remember that at first it’s going to be tough to get all the protein and fluid in because of the swelling inside your body… but it will get easier. (I of course still can’t manage to get in all my water everyday… but I do try my best!!)

    Sounds like you’re doing well, and on your way to recovery!! Congraulations on getting through it – and welcome to the other side!!

  3. hi beautiful! I’m so glad your surgery was “uneventful!”

    This is my ninth day out, and I’m not complaining for sure. I didn’t have any nausea in the hospital, and all I really remember was a LOT of gurgling and bloatedness thanks to the gas. I got rid of it by walking and tooting, for lack of a better word.

    Each day is completely unique for me. I am without pain now, but you can be sure that getting my protein in is my MAJOR challenge. Yesterday I hit a brick wall and just started weeping….called the surgeon and told him if i even looked at a protein supplement I’d hurl. He said, relax, let it go, and sip on water….btw, what IS your goal each day? in grams? and are you close to hitting it? My daily goal is 78 grams, and I usually hit about 60 or 55….and consume about half my fluids or a little more….

    Obviously not the picture of perfection, but I’m not the poster child for love of protein.

    I’m thinking of you, praying for you, and…my dear, believe it or not—i’ve already lost fifteen pounds! Before you realize it…you’ll look up and have lost a couple flour sacks and you’ll be amazed.

    love,love,love, and much sipping,

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