Still Truckin’

It’s post-op day 3, and today I start pushing protein. From Lacy’s experience, I know this will be a challenge, but I’m just going to do my best and get as close as I can to my goals. To make it easy, I’m going to avoid thick things like pudding and yogurt and just drink my watery EAS pre-mixed protein drinks to begin with.

I did not make my goal for fluid yesterday; I ended the day with only about 45 ounces instead of 64. I was doing great until I tried some warm herbal tea–chicken little (mom’s name for my new pouch) didn’t like that at all. I followed up with just the teensiest bit of jello, and CLUNK, nothing moved out of that pouch for over an hour. I decided that since I couldn’t sip, I might as well sleep, and I guess laying down helped because after an hour, I woke up and began sipping water again with no problems.

I took my first shower yesterday which, I admit, scared me half to death. Something about cleaning painful incisions is just so unpleasant. But it went fine and I felt a million times better. I also went on a few walks–very slow ones–and probably walked about a mile all together. Toward the afternoon, I started spacing out my pain medicine a bit longer since it doesn’t really help with G tube pain and only makes me sleepy anyways. I took my last doses of pain and nausea meds right before bed and slept 8 solid hours.

I woke up, took more meds, and I’m just going to sip on water until my sister gets here in the next couple of hours. She’s bringing chick-flics since we never get to watch them with our husbands. : )

And can I just say how awesome it was to have my mom here with me all day yesterday? She is the perfect companion, and she knows exactly what I need. I just can’t explain how lucky I feel to have her so close by and so willing to help. She’s out of town now for a business trip, but I’m sure she’ll be calling to check in on me.

Last thing: I know we gain weight in the hospital from fluids and gases and what-not. And I know I shouldn’t weigh myself every day. But I haven’t eaten anything by water and sugar free jello since Sunday–how is it possible that I’ve GAINED a pound?? I went into the hospital weighing 296, and today I weigh 297. What gives?? Oh well, maybe my body will snap out of it once it starts getting protein today.

Ok, now it’s the last thing: I just wanted to share a memory I have of coming home from the hospital. When I was released, Lee was driving the car and I was sort of spacing in and out in the passenger seat. But every time I opened my eyes, I saw a fast food restaurant or a billboard for some kind of food, and the thought crossed my mind: “They’re not talking to me any more.” The advertisers aren’t speaking to me or my needs or my weaknesses any more. I have a new tool, and although it doesn’t grant instant immunity from overeating, it does mean I have more reasons and more ways to eat a new way, a healthy way, that supercedes the flashy advertising of foods that make me nauseus to think about now. The advertisers just aren’t talking to me anymore; they’re talking to somebody else.


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  1. Good for you, Meg! And yes, stay off that scale for a coupla days and let your body settle in.

    so, all in all, how are you feeling physically? Inquiring minds (me!) want to know. Energy level? Are you forcing yourself to walk or do you really have the energy?

  2. That is so great about the walking!! Keep it up – try to walk one more step or one more minute everyday… and please do better than me with keeping it up when you go back to work! That was a really hard transition for me!

    I think you did great for a new post-op on getting your fluids in – that was really hard for me, but remember if you’re drinking clear protein – that counts toward your fluids for the day too. 🙂

    All you can do with the protein is take it slow – I did about 1/4 cup at a time for at least the first 2-3 weeks… and it wasn’t the amount of protein that they want, but it was all I could do with the swelling.

    I’m so jealous about the chick flick session – that sounds SO fun! It’s another cold rainy day here in Texas, and I wish I were at home under a blanket watching movies… that would be fabulous!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. hello beautiful girl!

    so proud of you and your journey….

    I’m AMAZED at your walking a mile. WAY TO FREAKING GO!

    I’m feeling like a new woman….

    I have VERY little trouble with my pouch, other than gurgles, and some small discomforts. it keeps improving daily.

    i still can’t seem to get all my protein in. hopefully i’ll find a solution that works for me. you are truly on a new path…and i’m thinking of you and the others on this road DAILY!

    love and hugs,

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